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Mr. D N Suvarna B - Tech (Metallurgy) IIT Bombay, Managing Director

A Metallurgist by qualification and over 25 years strong experience in the field of material science and building new machines, maintenance and wear protection of critical components. A true leader with dreams, a guiding factor and dedicated in providing equipments and services to core as well as ancillary industries.

Mr. F J Sidhwa Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Technical Director

A well reputed veteran in the Rubber Industry with over 45 years of rich experience in the World Rubber Industry is known for his technical Know how, passion and his eternal love for the industry. Technically trained at Farrel facilities in Italy, USA and UK has also undergone training at Kobelco, Japan, and VMI, Holland.
He has a very good knowledge of domestic as well as overseas market requirements and due to his high technical engineering capabilities in any of the complex scenario, the Rubber Industry pays a very high regard to him.

Mr. S G Sabne, Head - Design & Services

Over 40 Years of Experience in the Tyre Industry served his maximum in Firestone, India and is now since 10 Years paying his services in our design & Services cadre. He is a man of ingenuity and intelligence and a solution provider to any complex technical requirements.

Mr. Aatish D Suvarna M. Tech - Information Technology, Executive Director

Young blood with lot of energy joined Bainite group in Year 2001 as Chief of Product and Strategic Planning before taking over in December 2003 as Chief of Manufacturing and Strategic Planning. Mainly responsible for all critical operations of the company and is also engaged in integrating the entire Manufacturing and Material Management.

Mr. S J Shetty - BE Mechanical, Head Manufacturing

A true Tyre manufacturing veteran with experience in world top most Tire companies like Vikrant Tyres and Ceat International, is looking after entire manufacturing process at all our facilities. He has his third angle view (Customers eye) to look in to the manufacturing process and with absolutely no compromise policy on quality parameter has laid a very good example for the fellow beings. He is true believer in team work which contributes to the high morale of fellow engineering managers and engineers.

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